The future of energy supply: combined energy storage as key technology

A system developed at TU Graz uses water as a storage medium for electricity and thermal energy. It can be used to meet up to 90% of our energy requirements – while producing zero emissions.

A young man with a beard in jeans and a blue T-shirt sits in the hydraulic engineering laboratory and is surrounded by experimental arrangements in the form of water-filled Plexiglas tubes.

Franz Georg Pikl from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management is researching the future of global energy supply. He has developed a trend-setting technology in the form of the hot water pumped storage power plant. © Staudacher - TU Graz

The idea is simple. A team headed by Franz Georg Pikl, a PhD student at the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management at TU Graz, has combined the advantages of pumped storage technology and heat storage using water as a medium to create a “hot-water pumped storage hydropower plant”. The new system stores and supplies electricity, heat and cooling energy as required.

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