Invenium – from spin-off to market leader in mobility management

Map of Austria with luminous points

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There is an enormous amount of scientific potential in anonymized mobile phone data – as Invenium co-founder Michael Cik recognised as early as 2013. At that time, he initiated the research project together with his colleagues at TU Graz’s Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning and the Know Center (Austria's leading research centre for big data and artificial intelligence) AGETOR. The researchers developed a software-based monitoring system that analyses movement flows and supports emergency organizations at major events in order to identify location-specific safety-critical situations in good time. The intelligent algorithms were then developed at the Know Center by two young doctoral students and Invenium co-founder.

How successful the project was, how the anonymization and evaluation algorithms worked and which new projects developed from it at the Institute for Road and Traffic Engineering and the Know-Center can be read in the news article in the News+Stories on the TU Graz website