"Smart Gear" makes industrial robots more powerful and intelligent

Philipp Eisele, doctoral student at Graz University of Technology, has developed a compact gearbox with intelligent sensor technology that achieves twice the gear ratios of previous gearboxes and enables new, smart services.

TU Graz researcher with small test bench and gearbox

TU Graz researcher Philipp Eisele has developed "Smart Gear", an innovative and meanwhile patented gear for industrial robots, lifting and positioning devices. © Frankl – TU Graz

Philipp Eisele has developed a compact gearbox with intelligent sensor technology as part of his PhD thesis. The innovative gear principle allows transmission ratios twice as high as previous coaxial gears. "Compared to conventional gear units, the patented system allows the transmission ratio to be doubled while increasing the transmitted torque."

As a result, the size and thus the weight can be halved in comparison to existing gear units without losing effect.

Innovative gear principle

The main strength of Smart Gear lies in the available space in the housing, which was created by the elimination of the revolving gears.
"We can use the empty space for intelligent sensor technology to enable completely new services." For example, the gear can be connected to cloud services or local company networks, allowing companies to monitor performance data and transmission status.

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