Promoting Talent at TU Graz: 330,000 euros awarded to talented students

The “TU Graz 100” programme aims to provide an education in science and technology to young people with excellent learning outcomes – regardless of their financial background. Now the first 36 talented students have received their scholarships in a festive setting.

Group of young people with certificates, flanked by two representatives of TU Graz

The first 36 "TU Graz 100" scholarships were awarded at a ceremony. Pictured here: The Bachelor scholarship holders of the Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering Era Troshani, Christine Michaelis, Jan-Philipp Schantl , Matthias Kuntner , Jakob Leifhelm, Sam Kische, Carlin Cornelius and Andreii Babkin (from left) with Rector Harald Kainz (far left) and Dean of Studies Ursula Augsdörfer (far right). © Lunghammer - TU Graz

The “TU Graz 100” initiative to promote talent currently comprises five different scholarship programmes in various disciplines. The number 100 stands for the number of scholarships that are to be awarded within the framework of the funding programme until 2023.

Award and motivation at the same time

“The scholarship awarded to you is both an award and an investment,” said TU Graz Rector Harald Kainz in his welcoming message as he addressed the first 37 scholarship holders who were awarded a TU Graz 100 scholarship. The majority of them come from Austria, but international students from Albania, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia and Syria are also among them. They have been recognized for their achievements to date and the path they have taken, and through the scholarship they will receive financial resources to continue their education and realize their professional dreams.

Financial and non-material support

4,000 euros per academic year for a maximum of two academic years is the financial support for Bachelor’s students; Master’s students will receive 8,000. Based on the 36 scholarships that have now been awarded, TU Graz has handed out 328,000 euros* in this first phase of the award.
In addition, the young people receive individual support from liaison tutors. And they have the chance to network with renowned international companies such as AVL, Remus or Siemens. Together with the Styrian Federation of Austrian Industries, these companies are also cooperation partners of TU Graz 100. Recently, another major player, Huawei Austria, joined the initiative.

*164,000 euros per year for the period of 2 years.

A list of the talented students awarded scholarships can be found on the TU Graz Website.

Questions about scholarships can be send to, mentioning the scholarship programme.

The next application phase for TU Graz 100 scholarships for Bachelor’s degree programmes starts in May/June 2022; in the area of Master’s degree programmes some applications are still open. Information on this and other study programme financing options at TU Graz can be found online on the Scholarships for Students overview page.