TU Austria Data Science Summer School 2022

Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineering Sciences

Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria, 4-8 July 2022


The summer school is organized by the Data Science Hub Leoben at the Montanuniversität Leoben together with the TU Austria. The goal is to introduce machine learning and its application in engineering and physical sciences. We welcome PhD, Master, and advanced Bachelor students for an intensive five days of lectures, workshops and networking.

The future importance of machine learning and data analytics is indisputable; it provides a means of creating added value from data. In the context of engineering, the data emanates from physical, chemical and mechanical systems and/or processes, which must obey the laws of physics. Consequently, a special branch of machine learning that incorporates models of these processes is required. Such model-based machine learning approaches enable the integration of dependencies, interactions and constraints which are essential for consistent, predictive and noise robust ML systems.

The summer school will give a general introduction to machine learning. This will include aspects such as: data preparation, representations for data, different ML architectures and quality assessment of learned solutions. There will be a focus on applications in the areas of: robotics, machine monitoring, and material science.


Prof. Dr. Peter Auer

Andrea Eichelberger