Study for climate protection


Our research makes an essential contribution to saving the climate.
Be part of it - you can also study climate salvation!

Vanessa Parravicini and her team at TU Wien are researching how greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants can be reduced. This makes it possible to handle wastewater in a more environmentally friendly way. This is her contribution to climate protection and you can join in!

Lia Gruber works at TU Graz and researches energy communities. These are neighbourhoods that generate, consume and also store energy together. That is Lia's contribution to saving the climate!

Pit Arnold is researching underground CO₂ storage at the Chair of Reservoir Engineering at Montanuniversität Leoben. This not only actively decarbonises energy, but also reduces the CO₂ emissions of our society. That is Pit's contribution to protecting our climate!

Helmut Rechberger is professor of Resource Management at TU Wien. His research focuses on how to promote the circular economy. Recycling consumes fewer raw materials and also saves energy. All this contributes to climate protection!

Biotechnologist Anita Emmersdorfer-Augustin is researching protein extraction from CO₂ for industrial use at TU Graz. This is Anita's contribution to climate protection!

Alexandra Groiß conducts research at the Chair of Economics and Business Administration at Montanuniversität Leoben. She is working on the influence of renewable, sustainable energy sources on the power quality in the energy grid and their economic evaluation. Alexandra thus contributes to increasing sustainability.


Study at one of the three TU Austria universities and make your contribution to climate protection!