TU Austria & CTS set an example for sustainability at TU Wien: Summer School Sustainable Futures

Vienna, 4th to 8th September 2023 - TU Austria, together with the Center for Technology & Society (CTS), has once again positioned itself as a pioneer, this time in matters of sustainability. They have initiated the "Summer School Sustainable Futures" at the Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien). This innovative educational initiative not only illustrates the universities' determination to integrate sustainability into research and teaching, but also sends a strong signal to society in the midst of the pressing climate crisis.

The Sustainable Futures Summer School, which took place for the first time in September 2023, was a week-long event focusing on different aspects of sustainability. In addition to topics such as Life Cycle Assessment, Responsible Research and Change Management, it also highlighted error culture and storytelling to communicate the concerns. 18 PhD students from more than 10 fields of study met 8 experts from different local and European higher education and research institutions to deepen their understanding of sustainable principles and to work together on solutions for the sustainability challenges of our time and specifically in their dissertation topics.

One of the key components of this Summer School is the integration of interdisciplinary work, research and teaching. TU Austria and CTS have recognised that solving global sustainability problems requires a broad range of knowledge and expertise. Therefore, students and scientists from different disciplines worked together to develop a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of sustainability. The personal papers produced during the week clearly reflect that each individual was able to take something with them for themselves and their research.

Another notable feature of this initiative is its emphasis on the practical implementation of sustainability principles. Participants were encouraged to develop concrete projects that would help promote sustainability in their own environment. This action-oriented approach reflects the CTS belief that real change can only be achieved through active participation and engagement. Here, the motto of the organising TU Wien also came into play: Technology for People.

At a time when the climate crisis is becoming increasingly acute, the importance of sustainability in research, teaching and society is undeniable. The Sustainable Futures Summer School at TU Wien is an inspiring example of how educational institutions can take a leadership role in addressing the pressing challenges of our time. Their commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, practical implementation and the dissemination of sustainability principles make the CTS and TU Wien institutions that not only create knowledge, but also effect positive change in the world, and this across institutions.

Since higher education institutions represent the best investment in the future (#Zukunftsichern), the Center for Technology & Society (CTS) sees itself here as one of the active bodies in implementation - as a driver and cooperation platform for higher education institutions in Vienna.


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