Powerful International Boost for Montanuniversität Leoben

A trendsetting cooperation of the world's best universities in the fields of mineral resources, metallurgy and recycling now makes it possible to complete the unique joint master's programme "Sustainable Mineral and Metal Processing Engineering", which is greatly supported by the European Union. Montanuniversität Leoben will be one of four international study locations.

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After extensive preliminary work, the international consortium consisting of the universities of Oulu/Finland, Zagreb/Croatia, Federico Santa Maria/Chile, and Montanuniversität Leoben eventually succeeded in the highly competitive procedure to establish and run this EU-funded master’s programme.

"In four years of studies, 25 students from all over the world will spend their 2nd semester - and in some cases even their 4th semester - in Leoben, attending courses or writing their master’s thesis", Univ.-Prof. Helmut Flachberger explains. Helmut Flachberger was involved in all aspects of the extensive preparations, and acts as the representative of Motanuniversität Leoben in this joint study programme. "The language of instruction is, of course, exclusively English, and sufficient command is a basic requirement for participation," Flachberger says. "The students also have to undergo a rigorous selection process. The students we pick will enjoy the great opportunity to study at at least three of the four participating universities, in addition to a scholarship that provides financial coverage for living expenses. The total project volume is just under five million euros," Flachberger adds.

"We are ready to go," Prof. Flachberger says with a proud smile, "the curriculum has had all the necessary approvals since last Friday, and we want to start the selection process as early as April."

The students will start their studies in Oulu in autumn and then spend the summer semester of 2023 at Montanuniversität Leoben. The focus of the Leoben semester will be on the processing of industrial minerals and construction raw materials, but above all the enormously important aspects of sustainability in the raw materials industry.

Further Information

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More information about the new Master's programme: https://www.unileoben.ac.at/en/studying/graduate-studies/msc-studies-raw-materials-energy/en/emjm-promise/