TU Austria Summer School Doc+

The sixth TU Austria Summer School Doc+ took place at the University of Leoben from 18 to 22 September.

At the opening of the TU Austria Summer School Doc+ at the University of Leoben. Photo: Montanuniversität Leoben | martina.stoebbauer.at

Networks are in focus

Networks are essential for modern industry as they enable communication, collaboration and the exchange of information and resources. The importance of networks has increased in recent years due to the globalisation of value chains and the widespread adoption of digital technologies such as the internet, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The use of networks can provide businesses with greater flexibility and agility, and also lead to faster and more effective decision-making, as well as increased productivity and profitability. Supply chain networks can help companies coordinate the production and delivery of goods and services, while social networks can help promote products and services and engage with customers.

With the rise of Big Data analytics, companies can use networks to collect and analyse large amounts of data from various sources such as customer feedback, social media and IoT sensors. This can help them identify patterns and trends, gain insights into customer behaviour and improve their products and services.

Networks are critical to modern industry as they allow businesses to connect, communicate and collaborate in ways that were previously impossible.

Target audience

The TU Austria Summer School Doc+ 2023 deals with different aspects of networks and offers a good opportunity to get familiar with network design methods. Networks are considered from different perspectives, technical, systemic, social. The participants deal with design issues and develop creative approaches to different challenges. This year's Summer School was attended by 13 doctoral students in Leoben.

TU Austria

In 2010, the three Austrian technical universities - the Vienna University of Technology, the Graz University of Technology and the Montanuniversity of Leoben - founded the "TU Austria". This association, which focuses on the natural and engineering sciences, has more than 46,500 students, 5,500 graduates and 9,600 employees. The TU Austria universities join forces and use synergy effects to achieve more in research, teaching and university policy and to convince industry and business with their concentrated know-how as a strong partner.

Further information

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Energy Network Technology
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